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Aglet are pleased to announce the release of Elite Plus Subscriptions. Following on from the success of our Elite Subscription service, Elite Plus brings another level of fun and enjoyment to the game.

Elite Plus Subscribers get the following benefits;

  • No ads

  • Zero listings fees on Marketplace

  • Premium Plus badge

  • Sign-up sneaker (one time only)

  • 40 Gold Aglet each month

  • Access to Elite Plus subscriber stashes

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I receive the monthly GA?

You will receive the GA automatically upon sign up and continue to receive it every month you're subscribed thereafter.

When and how do I receive the free sneaker?

You will receive the free sneaker automatically upon sign up. The free sneaker is only rewarded on sign up, you do not receive free sneakers in future months. The free sneaker available to new Elite Plus subscribers is subject to be updated in future months, but will only be rewarded to first time subscribers to Elite Plus.

Where can I find Elite Plus stashes and how do I check into them?

Elite Plus stashes will appear on the map to all players, similar to existing stash types distributed across the map. Only players who have subscribed to Elite Plus will be able to check into them and receive their exclusive rewards. If a player without Elite Plus tries to check into an Elite Plus stash, they will be prompted to subscribe or upgrade.

If I'm an Elite subscriber, can I upgrade to Elite Plus?

Yes you can. Follow the prompts and you will be charged at the higher price moving forward.

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