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Step 1: How to get to your Gallery

Open up to the latest version of #AgletApp. Hit the status bar on the bottom of the Aglet Map > it will take you to the “ME” screen You will see the Gallery Icon on the bottom right, click that!

Step 2: Enter Aglet Gallery

You’ll have to turn your phone to activate the Gallery feature. The + will allow you to add sneakers, furniture, decor, and other room items to customize your Gallery, your way!

Step 3: Get Creative

Tap and hold objects to move them around. Pro-tips: - when an item is highlighted red, it is most likely overlapping another item > move objects around the highlighted item to enable save. - hold down on an item while pressing back to remove the item from your gallery.

Step 4: Share and save

By hitting the share button on the top right corner you can save an image of your gallery to your photos. You can also share your Gallery snapshot to your social media and tag us @agletapp using #AGLETGALLERY

Step 5:

Ready to #FlexYourGallery Now you are ready to share with your Aglet friends The back < button on the top left will prompt you to SAVE your gallery and take a SNAP to set your profile image. Now anyone who can see you on the map can view your gallery (:

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