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Here's what you need to know about Aglet Gallery

The Gallery is YOUR fully-customizable space to display prized possessions, flex for your friends, and express your personal style.

  • Choose from hundreds of items ranging from furniture of all shapes to windows with a view, and add your personal touch with flooring choices, wall patterns, and graffiti.

  • Build shelving displays for your grail sneaker collections, potted plants and art, or get to work with a desk, chair and lamp combo.

  • Fill your Gallery with cushy sofas and big screen TVs to amplify relaxation, or make it a showcase room for your Aglet collection.

Gallery gives you full design control over your environment, and with hundreds of items built specifically for the Gallery, you can transform it into you new home base.

Your Gallery is a place to collect the things you love and share them with the world. We cant wait to see what you come up with.

You can find how to customize your Gallery here.


  • What is Gallery?
    Gallery is a new feature within the Aglet App that allows users to customize virtual spaces to showcase their artistic, design and fashion sensibility through digital collectibles.

  • How do I customize my Gallery?
    Users can personalize their Gallery using a variety of digital assets such as banners, trophies, stickers, and furniture.

  • How do I find and explore other users’ galleries?
    There are two ways to view other players’ Galleries:
    - When you click on a player’s profile from a Marketplace item, you will have an option to view their Gallery.
    - When you click on a friend’s avatar icon on the map or in chat, you will have an option to view their Gallery.

  • Will animated items be animated on my shelf?
    Not for launch, but this will be updated in future.

  • Can I put certain items on other items? eg can I put a shelf on a shelf?
    The logic of placing items is programmed into the game. For example, you can place a plant on a shelf, but you can’t put a shelf on a shelf. Generally Decor items can be placed on Furniture items, such as putting a mug on a table.

  • How does the snapshot feature work?
    The snapshot feature takes a snapshot of the area around your avatar in the Gallery and uses that snapshot as the background for your profile view. This will appear when any other player views your profile through marketplace or friends view.

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