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How does it work?

Explore with friends allows you to see your friends on the Aglet map. Combined with our Chat feature, you can use the Explore with Friends feature to chat to your friends and engage with them in real time.


  1. How can players hide their location from friends?

    Players can disable location sharing by going to the in-app settings section of the Aglet app and turn the feature off

  2. Is it possible to hide from specific friends?

    No, location sharing is currently available to the entire friends list. Players should be cautious when adding friends if they are sharing their location.

  3. How can players locate their friends?

    To locate a friend, players can go to their friends list and select the specific friend they want to find.

  4. When is version two expected to be released?

    Version two is under development, but a release timeline will be announced after gathering player feedback. Follow our social media accounts for updates.

  5. How can players add friends?

    To add a friend, players can click the friends icon on the Aglet Map and then the "Add a Friend" button.

  6. Are group messages supported?

    Group messaging is currently not available.

  7. What happens if a player is reported without wrongdoing?

    No need to worry! Account actions are taken on a case-by-case basis, and a simple report will not result in an automatic penalty.

  8. Can players flag inappropriate messages?

    Yes, players can flag messages by pressing and holding on the message. The support team will then review the case and take appropriate action.

  9. How can players report or block friends?

    At the moment, players can only "unfriend" a friend. Reporting and blocking features are planned for future updates.

  10. What if a player's friends are not found when searching for their usernames?

    Make sure to double-check the entered username or try typing the full name. Interactive search only works for the top 10 results.

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