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Ready to chat and flex to other players? This version (1.24.1) introduces Aglet Chat, your in game social network!

How does it work?

Update your app to the latest version of Aglet: 1.24.1

You'll see at the bottom right that there are 2 new icons. The bottom one allows you to see your list of existing friends.

The one above it will contain all the chats you have with them.

Reporting inappropriate content

The Chat function has some in-built moderation bots which will prevent inappropriate language. However, if you receive a message that is inappropriate you can do one of the following things:

Unfriend the player

Tap the three dots next to the player name you wish to unfriend

Tap on unfriend

Flag the inappropriate content

Identify the message you're looking to flag, then long press on that message

Tap on Flag Message

Once the "Flag Message" option appears, confirm by tapping Flag

Our Customer Support team will then review the flagged message and take any appropriate actions.

Inappropriate use of the flagging system may result in your account being suspended without notice.

Updated Terms of Use

As part of this update, Aglet has updated our terms of use. Please visit these here:

Your Privacy

Aglet will not actively monitor or track your conversations. The only time we will look at any of your content is if another player flags an individual message that you have sent.

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