What is GAstealz all about?
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Aglet attracts lots of players who don't seem to understand the rules.

We actively monitor every Aglet account, and monitor for behaviour that goes against what Aglet is all about. Every day we are forced to remove accounts from players who breach these rules.

Rather than simply wiping every existence of these players accounts, we first harvest all of their shoes.

Those shoes go into an account known as GAstealz. From time to time, GAstealz appears and begins listing these reclaimed items on the Aglet Marketplace.

The shoes are all listed for Gold Aglet, and all of them are listed at their minimum listing price.

You will know when GAstealz appears, because a Team Aglet member will alert everyone by posting in General Chat on our Discord.

Players may choose to participate, or may choose to refrain from buying. It is up to all players to decide for themselves.

Be on the lookout for super rare and desirable items, some from Collections, and all listed for minimum Gold Aglet prices.

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