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Don't you just love that personalized aspect of games? Your own username, items and even better, AVATAR!

Avatars are a great way to personalize your Aglet experience and to show off the kicks that you have been copping!

Alas, you are probably wondering how can I get my own avatar?!

It's simple, follow the steps below-

Jump to your avatar

Jump to your shelf

Jump to your background

There are two ways in which you can access your avatar-

  1. Open up Aglet and you will enter the map.

  2. Tap on the portrait which will be on the center of your screen (don't worry if it is just a circle for now, you'll be able to fix that shortly)

Or, if you are on the 'Wear' screen, simply tap the purple bar at the bottom of your screen, then tap 'My Profile'

Now that you are on your profile, tap on the pencil which is shown in the screenshot below-

Once you have tapped this, you can choose between editing your avatar or your shelf.


To edit your avatar, tap the person symbol-

It will open a screen which allows you to change your character's head, upper body clothing, and lower body clothing.

Or you can even tap the dice symbol for a random avatar!

Once you are happy with your Avatar, tap the top left arrow and then 'Save and Exit'


To edit your shelf, tap the box symbol-

It will open a screen which allows you to do 3 different things!

  1. To change the sneakers which are on your shelf, tap on the middle of your screen, then select the sneaker or shelf that you would like to change, and it should highlight the sneaker like this-

The first option will allow you to select another sneaker to replace it, the second option allows you to swap its position on the wall, the last option will remove the sneaker from the shelf. You can do this for all shelf spots.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can tap done, then the dice bottom left of your screen, this will give you a randomly assigned shelf!

Once you are happy with your shelf, tap the top left arrow and then 'Save and Exit'


When you are editing your shelf, you will be able to see an option bottom right of your screen which looks like a wallpaper symbol, refer to the image below-

Once you tap this, you will be able to change the floor and wall of your background!

Once you are done, tap the arrow at the top left of your screen, and tap 'Save and Exit'.

Please note: The sneakers which your avatar is wearing, is the same as the sneakers you are wearing in game on the 'wear' screen.

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