Design an Aglet Shoe

How to design a shoe in Photoshop and submit it for consideration

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A huge thank you to Aglet player ★ Papa Milk ★ for this handy tutorial

First, you will need to join the Aglet Discord, and make your way over to the # / DESIGN SHOWCASE channel. Next, located in the pinned messages, you can find a Dropbox link with all the shoe templates inside.

Once you open the Dropbox, make your way over to the shoes tab, and find one which you like. I chose the Aglet Telga. Save this as an image and open it in Photoshop.

Next up, if you want to be fancy, you can include patterns in your design, just search for patterns online, and save them as an image.

Now, once you have saved your items to files, open them both in photoshop.

Here is how to make a pattern: In the top right, click on file, and open the menu. Now click on “Define Pattern”, and save it as a pattern.

Now, Equip the bucket tool. Make sure it is in “pattern” mode, “Linear burn”, and I recommend playing around with the tolerance until it works to your liking. Use the bucket tool on whatever parts of the shoe you want to add pattern to. If you do NOT want patterns, keep the bucket in “Foreground” mode, and use the colour wheel to find your desired colours.

Here we go, texture time! Look for a texture online (easiest if it is completely white), and repeat the same process as you did in step 4 to create a pattern.

Make sure your bucket is in “Pattern” mode again and play around with the tolerance until it works properly. Click on the parts of the shoe you want to add texture too. As you can see, the shoe now has a little depth to it, and looks more refined.

Now, use all that you’ve learnt to create the design you want. An important part of designing, is giving the shoe a name, adding your in-game name, discord, and a nice little story that outlines your inspiration for the shoe, or a story involving the shoe.

Once you are finished, click file, navigate to the export button, and quick export it as a .PNG file.

See, this is the final step, but easily the most satisfying. Navigate back to the #/ DESIGN SHOWCASE channel, and post your shoe.

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