Aglet is a game. It is now a game with NFTs. In the future it will be a game with virtual assets of all types. It will be a physical space exploration device, it will be an e-commerce platform, and it will be a hub where online and offline becomes one. ONLIFE.

Confusing? Let me explain....

Aglet was launched to the world on 12th April, 2020, and by early may 2022 it had built a very loyal and dedicated community of sneakerheads. On May 6th, 2022 we announced the launch of Aglet NFTs.

By the time we dropped our first NFT into the Aglet Sneaker Shop we had grown to over 1,000,000 players.

Our NFT roadmap sees us delivering several key milestones by the end of 2022.

April/May/June 2022

  • Digital to Physical: First ever Aglet NFT-connected IRL Sneaker Shop Drop

  • In-game airdrops will roll out a mix of exclusive Aglet sneakers, shelf backgrounds and apparel exclusively to Aglet NFT holders over the course of 2022 and beyond

July/August/September 2022

  • Spatial NFT Launch: Mint and Cop Aglet NFTs in Treasure Stashes out in the world

  • Additional NFT-connected IRL Sneaker Shop Drops

  • Players can purchase and sell Aglet NFTs in our Marketplace

  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and traded for USDC and ETH in Aglet Shop and Marketplace

  • Exclusive/early access to Aglet Merch drops

October/November/December 2022

  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and sold on ImmutableX Marketplace

  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and sold on Layer 1 marketplaces (OpenSea, etc.)

  • Aglet Live Content Series with sneaker, metaverse and NFT luminaries — exclusive to NFT holders

  • Aglet Backpack: players can integrate wallets across multiple blockchains to be managed in a single game space.

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