What is an NFT?

An NFT (or non-fungible token if you’re fancy) is a piece of digital content that is stored on the blockchain (a digital ledger). This content can take the form of digital artwork, photos, video and more. We’re selecting certain, special in-game sneakers and assets to offer as NFTs in the Aglet shop that you’ll be able to buy, sell and trade both in our Marketplace and in outside marketplaces. For more on what you can do with Aglet NFTs (and when) check out our 2022 NFT roadmap here: - https://medium.com/agletapp/aglet-nft-roadmap-6de1a4727f7b

How do I buy an Aglet NFT?

You can purchase an Aglet NFT in the Aglet Shop same as any other sneaker asset, using our in-game currencies (Gold or Regular Aglet). Later in the year you’ll also be able to purchase Aglet NFTs in our marketplace for other currencies (USDC and ETH) as well as on other marketplaces.

What happens if I wear my Aglet NFT in game?

The in-game sneaker asset works the same as any other sneaker in Aglet - it will earn you Regular Aglet and wear out. But the NFT will stay as fresh as the day it was minted.

How do I sell an Aglet NFT?

At first, not at all. But over the course of 2022 you’ll be able to sell an Aglet NFT in the Aglet Marketplace (same as a regular sneaker) and eventually as an NFT other NFT Marketplaces.

What happens to my in-game sneaker if I sell the NFT?

Once you list or sell your NFT, the in-game sneaker is removed from your shelf.

How do I connect my (existing) wallet?

For our initial drops, we’ll be creating an ImmutableX wallet upon purchase of your first Aglet NFT. At this stage, because of the connected game play and world of Aglet, you have no need to connect an existing wallet you might have. We are a custodian platform - you simply access your NFTs through your account, much like you would on Coinbase or Binance. We’ll add features and the ability to integrate any other wallets in the future.

What is ImmutableX?

ImmutableX is a layer 2, etherium-based prottocol for trading Ethereum NFTs. More on Immutable here: - https://www.immutable.com/

What token format are Aglet NFTs?

We use ERC-721. You can read up more about them here: - https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/standards/tokens/erc-721/

Can I sell my Aglet NFTs on other marketplaces?

Later in 2022, yes!

Who designed these NFTs?

Our first several NFTs were designed by Aglet Head Illustrator Dan Freebairn, with additional artwork created by the Aglet illustrations team and guest designers.

What are the environmental impacts of Aglet NFTs?

Because we’re leveraging ImmutableX, Aglet NFTs are carbon neutral and require zero gas for minting.

Does this mean I have to buy crypto currencies to play Aglet?

No, you can continue playing Aglet as you always have if you so desire. You’ll still be able to walk, earn and cop sneakers like always and purchase new kicks from our shop via Regular and Gold Aglet. The upside is that some of your sneakers may also be NFTs, and if you so desire you will be able to sell those NFTs for currencies beyond RA and GA!

Does owning or transacting Aglet NFTs impact my taxes?

The tax implications of owning and selling NFTs vary wildly by geographic location (and will definitely evolve over time). Players should seek out a professional for any and all tax advice related to NFTs.

Is Aglet Move to Earn (M2E) or Walk to Earn (W2E)?

Not at this time, though we will be introducing new ways to play and earn in the near future. Our NFT Roadmap is a good place to start for more information.

Will we be able to convert Regular Aglet (RA) or Gold Aglet (GA) to a real life currency?

No, those are in-app currencies. That said later this year we will introduce the opportunity to buy and sell Aglet NFTs in our marketplace using ETH and USDC, so NFT sneakers that you’ve purchased or found in Treasure Stashes can be converted to crypto. Later on we’ll add the ability to transact on these sneakers in other Marketplaces (ImmutableX, Opensea, etc).

What is the whitepaper for Aglet?

There is no whitepaper for the current Aglet game as there is no token. We will release a whitepaper down the road when we introduce new, relevant features and gameplay.

Will there be a whitelist (WL) for Aglet NFTs?

Not at this time, though we will be running contests and promotions in the near future that will allow active players and fans a chance to win/ earn access to NFTs.

Does it cost money to play Aglet?

No, Aglet is free to play. Though some of the more desirable, powerful and rare sneakers cost Gold Aglet (GA) and in the future NFTs will be purchasable via crypto, we have many players who chose to grind and play Aglet for free.

Are the current shoes NFTs?

No. NFT sneakers are and will be clearly marked as NFTs.

Will the current shoes be NFTs later?

That is not part of our current Roadmap though we are designing new gameplay that might include this possibility in the future.

Is there an AGT Token?

Not at this time, though we are currently designing one for an entirely new way to play Aglet. More news on this later in 2022. If you see anyone trying to sell you on an AGT Token, they are scammers. Official Aglet news will always come from our Discord, Social channels and from in-app communications.

What is the difference between Aglet and STEPN?

Aglet is a two year old, free-to-play game with hundreds of thousands of players all around the world. We focused on creating community and gameplay before introducing NFTs. STEPN is a walk-to-earn clone of Aglet that costs money up front to play in the hopes that you will make money back by walking.

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