Our first Don
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On May 2nd, 2020 we published a post to our Instagram because we'd just been blown away by the actions of one player.

Our CEO, Ryan Mullins posted this:

Hey everyone!! It’s been a huge 24hrs for Aglet... Yesterday one of our players in the USA went HAM and purchased all 3 of the Gold Aglet Yeezy Cheetah! That’s like $2500. Aglet Don Alert!! He also copped the Steve Jobs New Balance 1 of 1, our first Holy Grail to sell out... for 1.2m Aglet. Thats the sneaker Jobs wore on stage when announcing the iPhone Jan 9, 2007. How long until someone grabs those Mags, or the Moon Boots!?
Keep your ear to the grindstone,

We all now know who that Don is, and he hasn't let up since. He outsteps most players almost daily, and has an enormous and impressive Collection os shoes.

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