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So this is obviously one of the most important things that ever happened in Aglet history - the launch of the daverunner.

Dave (that's me) had spent several weeks revving up Discord into demanding that a daverunner shoe be produced, and the noise became so overwhelming that in the end I was able to convince the rest of the Aglet team that the shoe had so much support it would be crazy not to release it (lol).

So a shoe got designed, and it was amazing. But then something terrible happened. Right at the last minute, as we were about to prepare it for dropping, one of the co-founders decided that the shoe was too "adult themed", and he was so strong in his opinion, that the shoe had to be changed at the last minute. So Dan Freebairn created a new one, and we were ready for the drop.

We decided to use a little bit of the truth to then craft up an amazing story about what had happened.

Here's the email that was sent at the time:

Imagine the scandal! Imagine the hype it created! As a result or all this, the OG daverunner was an instant hit, and all 1,000 of Batch 1 sold out within a few hours (this was a record for the time). The legend of daverunner was born, and we have since gone on to release several more daverunners.

Each new release has expanded on the legend of Dave, and now these original daverunners are very much in demand indeed.

The original daverunner that got banned has gone on to be the stuff of additional myth and legend, spoken about in hush tones by those who are in the know - the "banned daverunner". Will we ever see it? Time will tell....

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