Launch and Shop One
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The launch

Aglet launched on April 12th, 2020 (or April 11th, depending on which part of the world you're in).

Shop One

Our initial Shop was Shop One, which had 78 shoes - very Nike heavy.

The main shoe in Shop One was these bad boys:

The Jesus Mafia Resurrection Sandals were offered up at whopping 100,000 Gold Aglet, the ultimate Flex for the Ultimate Don.

Here's the Sneaker Story:

You know the story. JC betrayed by one of his crew, Judas, and then Pontius Pilate sentences him to death on the cross. JC may have expired on the cross all those years ago but he rose again, according to the story, three days later rocking these sandals that brands like Birkenstock have been riffing on since. Whoever crafted these for Jehova didn't front on quality. Highest of the high in quality. The "walk on water sandals", the WOWs as they're called, aren't easy to come by. But, like PJ Tucker, our team knows how to get stuff into the collection. Stay tuned. And, if you can cop this (literal) Holy Grail, repent in dust and ashes. He is Risen; He is Risen, Indeed!

Our first promotion

As part of the launch, we had a promotion where you could win REAL SHOES!

Players had to download the app and have a minimum 25,000 steps to enter. Here's the Instagram post:

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