[PAST] Win Free, Real Sneakers in Aglet

Cop real Yeezy 350 v2 sneakers in Treasure Stashes!

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(Movie announcer voice) In a world full of L’s and disappointment, a man emerges determined to make a change. This March, watch as Dave brings W’s to Aglet.

OK seriously, listen up, March is all about Luck. Firstly, WE ARE PUTTING REAL YEEZYS INTO STASHES. YES, REALLY. OMG. All month long, you may just discover a special rare “sneaker” in Treasure Stashes that translates into a pair of actual IRL Yeezys sent directly to you. It starts this weekend, so it goes without saying, get out and check some stashes!

“But Dave, how does it work?” - you say out loud to an inanimate web page. It’s pretty simple; just check into Treasure Stashes like you normally do, and if you are lucky (punk) you’ll find a special sneaker card announcing that you’ve won Yeezys, just like this one.

Don't be tempted to list this on Marketplace, as this will ruin your chance. Only the player who finds the free sneakers can win them. If you list on Marketplace, even just to "flex", your entry will be invalidated, you will not get the shoes. If you want to flex, do it on Discord.


We will contact you in game to gather your important details, like shoe size, your name and address. We will then conduct a thorough audit of your account, to make sure you obtained them via legitimate means. And once this is done, we'll take the sneaker card off your shelf and place an order with our delivery partner, Stadium Goods, to deliver real life Yeezys to you

Good luck! There are $10,000 worth of Yeezys to be found. Every sneaker stash is a chance, so make sure you get out there this month and explore.

This promotion is run under the standard rules.

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