Why am I not earning any Aglet?
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As you walk, you'll earn Regular Aglet. But there are some ways that you won't. Let's have a look into the reasons why you might not be earning Aglet (or worse still, losing it!).

Wrong Device

Aglet won't work on iPads, sorry. Yes, we know it loads, and it looks like it will work, but iPads don't have the smarts inside them to be able to count steps. So if you are trying to use an iPad to play Aglet, just be aware that you won't earn Aglet from stepping.

Wrong Weather

Weather is a very important element within Aglet, and if you're wearing shoes with a negative weather boost, you'll lose Aglet as you walk. Make sure you check the weather in the app and change your shoes if the boost is bad.

Worn out shoes

If your shoes get to 0% condition, you'll start to lose Aglet as you walk if you continue to wear them.

Restart your app

If all else fails, try restarting your app. This can often help with issues where steps aren't being recorded.

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