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A Repair Station will help repair your worn out kicks.

Here's a few things to note:

1. Your shoe needs at least one repair remaining to use the Repair Station.

2. Using the Repair Station will use up one of the available repairs.

3. Repair Stations are not all created equally - they apply to different Tiers of shoes.

Here's how to use one.

  • Visit the Explore Screen in the app (the one with the map).

  • Look for a Repair Station on the map. It looks like a circle with a lightening bolt inside of it.

  • Visit that location.

  • Once inside the radius, you'll get a pop up notification that you're at that location.

  • Hit "Check in"

  • Now go to your Wear Screen.

  • At the bottom of that screen you'll see a new button that says "Repair Now"

  • Hit that, and you can effect the repair.

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