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Good Morning!

Introduced in Version 1.12 of the Aglet app, The Morning Report is a great new addition to Aglet, and helps show how you're tracking in terms of steps based on your own previous results, and how this compares to the top stepper from the previous day.

So how does it work? At 8am each morning you will receive a notification from Aglet letting you know the Morning Report is available. Tap on the notification and it will open up to the report.

In addition, you'll also get a daily streak reward. Check in each morning to stamp your card to receive some Aglet for free, and on the seventh day you'll get an added bonus.

You can view the report at any time from 5am to 11:59am each day

Please note: You will need fitness tracking for steps to be counted & to view the morning report.

The forecast is displayed in F or C based on preference settings.

If you're new to Aglet, you won't see the report on the first day, but it will begin showing each day after.

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