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One of the most anticipated Aglet updates is now here. The Aglet Marketplace allows you to sell the shoes you no longer require, but more importantly provides a place for you to purchase shoes you missed out on when they dropped, to complete a Collection or just to add to your shelf.

You can find the Marketplace inside the app by scrolling across to the "Shop", you'll find it right next door.

Here's how it works:


Select a shoe from your shelf, click on the shoe and select "Sell in Marketplace" button.

You will be taken to the "List an item" page. On this page you can select a price that you'd like to sell the item for. You'll note that there is a minimum price level set. You have the ability to set the asking price in either Regular Aglet or Gold Aglet by using the toggle next to the "Enter a price" field. So go ahead, enter a price, then click "Continue".

Review Listing: Check the details on this page, and if you're happy with everything, click "Start Listing". To make a change, click "Cancel" and start over. There is a listing fee (paid by the seller upon listing, and a buyer's fee paid by the buyer once they made the purchase).

You're done! The item is now listed. Click "View Listing" to go check it out, or click "Go To Shelf" to return to your shelf.


Scroll across to the Marketplace (it's next to the SHOP).

Once you're there, scroll through the listings. As you're scrolling, you can hard press on any listing to see the details.

You'll note that each listing has an expiry date. At this moment the listing expiry is set to 72 hours. This may change in future as we monitor the reaction to Marketplace. So don't delay, as the listing may expire, or worse still, someone else might cop it before you do.

Once you've found your dream kicks, click on the listing. Click the "Buy for XX" button, then confirm by clicking "Yes, Buy Now". All done! Click "Unbox Now" to go through the super cool unboxing process.

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