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We dropped collections in update 1.8.0!

What are collections in Aglet?

Collections are set groups of sneakers in Aglet, that you can complete. The goal is to collect all of the sneakers in the group and complete your collections.

How to access your collections

To access your collections, click on the purple bar which is in the bottom center of your screen, then tap the word 'collections' which is top right of your screen.

Why bother?

Each complete collection adds to your don score and helps you collect rewards!

How do I get sneakers for my collections?

We drop sneakers daily into the store, so check there for sneakers you need to complete your collections!

I have completed my collection, now how do I get my reward?

Not all collections will have rewards, but some will. To check if your collection has a reward, tap onto the specific collection and read the information and criteria. We will usually reach out to you about your rewards, or will give them to you after a week or so after the collection is completed.

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