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Are you the Don?

Ever wonder how well you're doing in the game, whether your Shelf is worthy of flexing or if your step grinding is paying off? You can gauge your level in Aglet with the Don Score!

The Don Score is a relative measure - this means that your score is measured against the other Aglet players, from 0 to 999 (no, that does not mean there are 1000 Aglet players!). Be aware - your Don Score will move up and down, depending on how you play Aglet.

There are five levels: Noob, Fresh, VIP, Don, Capone.

Different things contribute to positive or a negative affect on your score. We don't want to reveal everything, because then players will game the system. But here's a little insight into how it works:

What we do is look at a range of activities in the game, and give a score for each of these. We place more weight on certain types of actions above others. So for example, verified steps are weighted much higher than non verified steps. The number of Stash checkins is important, so is the volume of marketplace activity, your wallet balance, transactions in the Shop and the amount of time you spend in-app, actually playing Aglet. In short, the more you engage, the more chance your Don Score will increase.

If you have found that you do not have a Don Score, this will likely be due to the fact that the don score updates on a Wednesday, and you haven't yet played on a Wednesday. Wait out the week and you'll get an exciting new score!

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