Got the thirst to earn? Sneaker Soda is an item that gives the sneakers you are wearing an earn rate increase for a certain period of time.

Whether you are in the zone for some walks or you have a 5k run planned, find the best time to use the soda to make the most out of it! Tap on the sneaker soda either in your shelf or shop to check the class/tier, earn rate and duration, plan your use carefully! Ready? Let’s get fizzin’

Sneaker Soda does not increase the total amount that you can earn from a pair of shoes, just the speed of earning. You cannot use sneaker soda which is higher in tier than the sneaker (For example, if you have a tier 3 sneaker, you must use a tier 0-3 soda on the sneaker)

This item is purchasable by clicking on the shop then the lightning symbol in the top right.

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