Cop, sneakerhead, hypebeast? What does it all mean?

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The world of Aglet has its own language. To be the very best, you'll need to learn the lingo. Here's some of the commonly used words, and what they mean.

Sneakerhead lingo

DS: Deadstock, meaning brand new and never worn/used before

Example: That dude has some amazing self-control. All the sneakers he owns are DS!

VNDS: A shoe that is Very Near Deadstock that might have been tried on once or a few times.

Example: Are your Yeezys Deadstock or VNDS?

Cop: To purchase or to obtain a valued item.

Example: I just copped the Jordan 1s from today's drop!

Rock: To wear a valued item.

Example: Gonna rock the DS Ultra Boosts from my shelf today!

Drop: An event where a release of new sneakers occurs.

Example: Drop is scheduled to be next Saturday.

Shock Drop: A drop that happens without warning.

Example: I completely missed out on that shock drop – I was in class!

GR: A general release of a sneaker that is available at most retailers and fairly easy to buy.

Example: These are nothing special. They are only GRs.

Beaters: A shoe that you wear a lot and are not afraid to get dirty.

Example: These Air Force 1s are my beaters.

F&F (Friends and Family): A very rare pair of sneakers that can run as small as a few pairs and only gifted out to close friends and families of the creator.

Example: Those Pharrell F&F are ultra-rare.

PE: Player Exclusive. A shoe that is released exclusively for an athlete and will not be released to the public.

Grails: A highly collectible shoe that a person really wants for their collection. Example: My grails are the Travis Scott Jordan 4s.

GS: Grade School. Size category meant for kids, mostly pre-teens.

TD: Toddler. Size category meant for toddlers.

OG: Originals. First version of a sneakers model Example. Jordan 1 OGs were released in 1985

Retro: A re-release of a shoe that’s been dropped in the past. Usually Jordan’s. Example: Leather on the Jordan 1 Retros aren’t as good as the OGs

Highs: A high top version of a shoe.

Lows: A low version of a shoe.

Mids: A mid top version of a shoe.

Aglet lingo

Stash: A physical location spread out throughout the globe where in-game or physical items are hidden away.

Example: I saw a Stash nearby. Hope I cop something good!

Grinder: Aglet sneakers used for grinding Aglet for steps.

Example: The new Aglet Sprints are great grinders.

ASS: There are many types of ASS in Aglet... Aglet Sneaker Shop, Aglet Solar System, Aglet Sneaker Shine, Aglet Sneaker Soda, Aglet Sneaker Stash. The best tip we can give you is; if your talking to someone about ASS, make sure you ask them "Which ASS are you talking about?

RA: Regular Aglet.

Example: Should I grind for more RAs or just top up on GAs?

GA: Gold Aglet

Example: I just topped up on my GAs!

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