Recycle your shoes
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We all know the feeling right? Our shoes were once deadstock, but now we've used and abused them. Repaired them over and over, and now they're dead. Beat up and dirty, they've served their purpose, and now they just take up space in your backpack and make it look bad.

Well, why not recycle those bad boys? Yes! Recycle them. Released as part of our 1.4 update, the recycle feature allows you to get these shoes out of your backpack, AND you'll get a small amount of Aglet back in the process. OK, not a lot of Aglet, but what's a worn out virtual shoe really worth?

Here's how you do it. Inside the backpack section of the app, click on a shoe you wish to recycle, and drag downwards. You'll see the recycle symbol. Drag the shoe to that symbol and let go. You'll then see the option to "Recycle Now" or "Abort". If you're happy to go ahead, click "Recycle Now" and your account will be credited the amount stated in the text.

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