What do batches mean?

I see my shoe has an individual number and a batch number. What are batches?

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When we release (Drop) new shoes into the Aglet Sneaker Shop, we will release a set quantity of that shoe. The quantity is also known as the batch size. Some shoes have large batch sizes, others have very small batch sizes.

Once we have sold all the shoes in that particular batch, the shoe will then show as sold out in the shop.

We may choose to release new batches of the same shoe, or we may not. If a second (or third, or subsequent) batch is released, it is usually the case that the earliest batch will sell for a higher price in Marketplace than later batches.

The entire batch may not sell out, and may be withdrawn from the Shop at any time. However, if the entire batch hasn't sold, then the remainder may be restocked at any time.

Each shoe in a batch is numbered. Lower numbers (like #1's) will generally attract a premium when sold in Marketplace. (PS. I love #1's)

Please note that reward shoes do not have individual numbers or batches. Reward shoes can be issued as a Step Milestone, or may also be found in Treasure Stashes.

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