Need more stashes and stations near you?

We're adding stashes and stations near you all the time

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So you've jumped into the 'Explore' tab on the 'Wear' screen, and you do a scan, but there's nothing nearby. What can you do?

The world is a big place, and our players are everywhere. So it's possible we may not have added anything nearby you yet. Here's how you can fix this....


We automatically create Treasure Stash locations nearby where players are. Updated every three days, Dynamic Locations will generate wherever you spend the most time actively walking with the app running (can be in the background).

The Treasure Stashes will be a mix of Regular Aglet and Sneaker Stashes, and there's nothing you need to do to make them appear except walk around your local area.

These will move from time to time to keep your gameplay exciting and interesting, so make sure you're checking the map frequently.

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