You know that feeling when a new grail lands on your front doorstep?

You open the door and IT'S THERE! YES! You close the door and bring it inside, and set the box down on the bench.

Then....the unboxing. That feeling. That smell. These shoes are mint. Brand new. Dead stock. Brad Hall knows this sensation.

There's only one way to get that 'new car feeling' back (if you foolishly took them out of your rack), and that is to visit a Deadstock Station. But be aware..... not many Deadstocks exist, and even when they do, there's no guarantee that it will be the right tier for the shoe you want repaired.

To find a Deadstock Station, click on your 'Explore' screen and look for the green circles. Tap on it to get information about what tier shoes are supported, and how long the deadstock takes to refresh again once you've used it.

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