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Bad locations - report them and we'll fix them
Bad locations - report them and we'll fix them

We're not perfect, and we've plotted over 100,000 locations. If one is wrong, tell us.

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Bad locations, bad locations, what you gonna do?

It all started with a report from a player in Sweden. He was trying to get to a Treasure Stash he had discovered was located on a tiny island, in the middle of a bay, and he couldn't get to it.

Can you imagine the frustration of this for him? This Stash is just 4.3km (2.7mi) from where he works. When he realised we had placed a location in an inaccessible location, he wasn't happy.

We don't want that to happen to any player. So please, if you find a badly or inappropriately placed station, please reach out to us and let us know.

Grab a screenshot - that makes it easy for us to locate where it is. If you're really smart grab the GPS co-ordinates for us, it helps A LOT.

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