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What are you wearing today? What is the green dot?

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The centrepiece of the me screen has loads of information, including the shoe you are currently wearing.

There's a description of the brand and style of shoe, as well as an image to help remind you of how good your feet look.

Under the shoe is the 'current earn rate' - so this tell you the rate you're earning as you walk in this shoe right now. This is shown as a green dot, and is an average over the past hour.

Under that is a status showing how many Aglet you've earned whilst rocking that shoe, as well as its durability rate and its current condition (in percentage).

Below that you can see what you've earned today - how many steps you've taken and how many Aglet you've earned.

Swipe up on your shoe and you'll see a breakdown of the number of steps. Tap on any of these bars to show the earnings for those steps.

There's a menu bar at the top of this section to show you your steps history by the hour, day, week or month.

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