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Find out what is around you, wherever you are

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Explore your horizons

The 'Explore' tab is located to the left of the 'ME' screen, simply swipe across to get to it! When you get to it you'll see a representation of your current location and surrounding areas.

You should also see some icons on the screen, representing the various Stations around you. You can pinch to zoom in and zoom out to give closer or further views, depending on what you need at the time.

If you find that you don't have any location near you (within a 5km/2.5mile radius) there are two things you can do;

1. Aglet Stash Scanner

The Aglet Stash Scanner populates your map with a set of Locations (Repair Stations, Deadstock Stations and Treasure Stashes).

For new players, you’ll get all new locations in your town. These Locations work not only for new players, but for everyone. This means, the more people who sign up for Aglet in your area, the more Treasure Stashes and Repair Stations will appear.

So it’s not just YOU scanning to get more locations. The more people in your area scan and play the more stations appear.

More people playing = more treasure stations for YOU.

Access the scanner by clicking on the 'Explore' tab and clicking the 'Scan' button.

2. If you don't have any-

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