Wear rates of shoes

News flash! Shoes wear out as you wear them!

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To rack them or to wear them?

Well, look at you with your fancy you rides. Are you going to rack 'em or wear 'em? It's a tough decision right? In real life, and in the game of Aglet, the ones you rack are the ones you're hoping bring you some joy later on.

So when the pair is brand new, they will earn at the rate indicated in the store (The Standard Earn Rate and BOOST Earn Rate).

As you wear them, the earn rate drops as they wear out. The current earn rate is shown on the 'Wear' screen. This screen also shows you the percentage of 'life' left in the shoe.

You can visit a Repair Station, Deadlock Station or you can use Aglet Sneaker Shine to repair them, but only as often as indicated by the "Repairs Remaining" stat.

Just search 'repairs' to learn more about this topic.

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