How to refer friends to Aglet

Get your friends playing Aglet and earn a bonus

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Do you love Aglet? Who doesn't right? Well we're sure your friends will love it too, so we've built a way for you to refer them so that both of you benefit.

In the app, click on the purple bar at the bottom, then click the "Invite your crew" section. Click the Invite link and send them an invite. Or just make a note of the Referral code and send them that.

(By the way, don't tell anyone but that's my referral code there in the image. So if anyone wants a referral code, you can always use mine - don't tell the other guys in the team I put this here, they'll go and change it. I wrote the article, so I get to use mine haha - Dave)

Once your friend goes through the sign-up process and completes 10,000 steps (including 1,000 verified steps) both you and they will receive a bonus 1,000 Aglet.

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