How can I repair my shoes?

Here's how to repair your worn out shoes

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Oh noes...

You've been smashing out those steps like a crazy person, and now your shoes are starting to look really dirty and grimy, and you know you should be looking after them a little better than you do.

Well, there's nothing like taking them into the shoe repair shop and having them give them a 'cut and polish'. Here's how you can repair your treads;

Aglet Sneaker Shine

Aglet Sneaker Shine that will repair your shoes just like a Repair Station, but from the convenience of home! But, use it wisely as it will still count towards one of your shoes repairs.

Important to note

This will use one of the available repairs on the shoe. If you shoe has no repairs left, then it can no longer be repaired. You may consider recycling it.

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