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Aglet and Gold Aglet - what are they?
Aglet and Gold Aglet - what are they?

What is Aglet, and how do I earn it?

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Aglet is the name we give to our game currency. It allows you to buy normal Aglet sneakers in the Shop, which you can then proudly display on your Shelf. You can earn Aglet in a number of different ways;

  1. By walking or running. The app counts your steps and, depending on the virtual sneaker you are wearing and its earn rate, you are awarded Aglet. 

  2. You can also earn Aglet by referring friends. You can refer up to 50 friends and earn 1,000 Aglet for each one who joins and walks 10,000 steps.

  3. By finding a Treasure Stash. Each Treasure Stash is different, but many of them contain free Aglet. Find these Stashes and boost the number of Aglet you have in your wallet.


Gold Aglet is an in-game currency, that you can only purchase in the game.

So if you can’t earn them by walking around, how do you get your hands on some precious Gold Aglet? On you wear screen, at the bottom on the purple bar there is a gold icon, click on the icon to see your options for purchasing gold aglet.

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