For those of you lucky enough to have copped one of the TELGA NFT Collections, we'll be sending your NFTs soon.

Here's how to prepare for receiving the NFTs

Step 1: Visit the app store and search for Trust Wallet - or use this link

Step 2: Download the app

Step 3: Click "Create a new Wallet"

Step 4: Make note of the 12 words in a secure place - DO NOT LOSE THESE - if you lose these details, you will lose access to your wallet, and therefore your NFTs - we cannot help you if you lose these

Step 5: Confirm the order of the 12 words

Step 6: Enable push notifications

Step 7: Visit the 'Collectables' tab and click 'Receive'

Step 8: Copy the Address (click copy)

Step 9: Send it in-game to our support team with a message letting us know you are an NFT winner and here is your wallet ID

Step 10: We will confirm your status and send your NFTs

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